A mother of two gifted boys, studying in an IB school in Dubai and hands-on experience and interest in their education led her to do substantial volunteer work in their school. This led to full-time employment with the school in the SEN department supporting the gifted and talented segment and the other end of spectrum as well. The learning journey reinforced the importance of role of parents and educators in raising confident, independent individuals.

By education, she is an MBA with major in Human Resource and was working in the field till her second child came along. Work experience in education led her to supplement her education with a Masters in Additional and Special Learning Needs.

First Steps has been chiseled with the core of her passion which is early learning and intervention. The motive isĀ  to fill the gap of early education set-up for all needs. This is entwined with our stubbornness of educating masses about healthier and natural parenting practices, especially for our special little ones.

First Steps Nursery Montessori (FSNM) combines the utmost care children get from home with a well-structured learning program found in a small school in which individuality and uniqueness are embraced with respect. The school attracts and retains students, families, teaching faculty and staff because of its commitment to diversity and development.