Group intervention vs one-to-one therapy


Group interventions are more productive for kids who are not developing age appropriate social skills. This typically includes kids with Speech Delay, Language Delays, ADHD, Autism & also children with a lot of spare energy (typically called hyper kids). It may include kids with non-verbal learning disabilities, who may have trouble picking up on social cues, like body language, tone of voice and facial expressions. It may also embrace kids with social communication challenges and other forms of learning or behavior issues.


Children have a natural ability to express themselves and resolve conflict. So these groups will incorporate spontaneous or structured play which may include role play, drawing, board games, using play equipment.


Groups for speech interventions encourage practicing the skills needed to accomplish positive social exchanges that support peer relationships, family interactions, recreation and academic achievement. These groups are exclusively planned to allow each learner to practice their social communication in an orchestrated environment, while focusing on each child’s individual language challenges. Our programs are fundamentally based on peer interaction framework that teaches perspective distinction and develops social cognition. We teach approaches to increase comfort in social situations, understanding of social rules, what is expected in certain situations, and how to communicate and connect with others.



  • They realize they are not alone
  • Better Social Skills
  • Learn to express and share
  • Read and react to Social Cues.
  • Increasing Coping skills
  • Understanding Perspective Taking
  • Improved self esteem
  • Managing Stress/Anxiety
  • Emphasizing Cooperation