Learning through play engages children on multiple levels. Structured or guided play takes learning to a completely different level and that is what we have achieved by integrating Montessori with EYFS. Our standard monthly fees are given below:

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Timing5 Days a week3 Days a week2 Days a week
8am – 12noonAED 2,200AED 1,750AED 1,350
8am - 2pmAED 2,600AED 2,150AED 1,600
8am - 4pmAED 3,000AED 2,550AED 2,000
8am - 6pmAED 3.400AED 2,950AED 2,300

Why Choose Us

Child Care

Complete transparency  and  various channels  of  communication  for parents’  convenience.

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Group Therapy

Small group activities  performed in a controlled environment with a specific outcome in mind.

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Learning & Fun

Hands-on learning, music and movement, daily reading program, sensory play, dramatics

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Physical Activity
  • In-house availability of speech therapy, behaviour therapy, occupational therapy and physiotherapy.
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